Work wanted help our talented imports stay in Australia

Our very talented Argentinian crew of Emi, Maca and coach Alejsdro want to stay in Australia and become citizens and work towards the 2024 Olympics. The road will not be easy but that’s what dreams are about. Recently over the long weekend I got them to paint the entrance stairs at the gym and they have done a great job so come with my recommendation. They have set up two enterprises to get them started. Alejsdro is a qualified architect and knows practical building as well. They are also making Empinadas by the dozen to sell. These are their own initiatives but are willing to do anything separately or together so if you have or know someone who has work please get in contact with the numbers on the advertisements or I am happy to liaise. They are currently waiting for their student work visas to come through in August and then hopefully later they will win a talent visa and will be able to stay. I don’t often reach out for help in this way so I do appreciate any help offered.