Why We Teach

This story has been written at least 20 times in the course of the 35 years i have been teaching, i never get tired of hearing it as it’s slightly different for every person and it is the single most important reason for me to do what i do. I know that it’s true because it has happened to me so many times i haven’t got enough fingers and toes to count on.

“John and his wife and son were walking in the city, John at that stage had been a student at Joe’s for about 4 years. In front of him a group of men, one of whom was in the middle of a “Roids” rage and was pushing everyone he saw. John prepared himself and had his response but as they passed the man seemed to deflate in front of his eyes and the danger dissolved.”

This phenomenon has happened to so many students after a few years of training that it is impossible for it to be coincidence. So there it is, learning to fight, may mean never having to fight. Aura is a possibility but a certain energy is given off that says this will not be an easy target and that body-language is then read by the primal or subconscious part of the brain alerting the response of best leave this well alone.

I did security for three years from 1995-1997 and I didn’t have to hit anyone in all that time. i learned to use my voice effectively and if i needed to remove anyone i would place them in a mild bear hug and lift their centre of gravity and move them out the door before they knew what was happening to them.

My own journey was of a well educated competitive but non violent person that was kind of scared, as we all should be, of street confrontations that channelled that fear into martial arts. Sometime in our lives we will be placed in a situation where we are forced to make a decision to protect ourselves, our family our girlfriend our not so strong friend. If you don’t stand up you may live with that shame for the rest of your life. As Mike Tyson’s former trainer Teddy Atlas said “Regret is a solitary sentence”.

Give me two years of dedication and you will have no regrets.