Who We Teach

Joe’s Boxing is an all-inclusive boxing gym, and we welcome folks from all walks of life into our boxing community. If you have a passion for boxing, or you’re looking to develop one, then we want you regardless of gender, age, shape, or sexuality. Classes are mixed but there is no macho attitude here, just equality & respect. Both our male and female members have won titles at State & National level, but whether your a fighter, just looking to get fit, or you want to learn some self-defence skills, there’s a place for you here at Joe’s Boxing.

Our Black Shirt Program runs through five levels from beginner to advanced, and you can learn and train at your own pace while moving through the different grades (each represented by a shirt colour). In addition to our beginners, intermediate, and advanced adults classes, we also run regular kids classes, which follow the same Black Shirt Program, but train separately from our regular adult classes.

Adults 17+ Years

Our Adult Boxing program has an age range of 17 years plus, all the way through to those like myself in their sixties. Some folks come focussed on fitness while others want to pursue serious competition, but people stay for the culture and inclusiveness as well as the skills they acquire.

We’ve had boys fresh out of their teens, men sporting wounds from the school of hard knocks, and women in their fifties achieve their Black Shirt, so with a little sweat and some dedication you can do it too.

Youth 13-19 Years

Our future champions are developed within our youth program. Participant ages range from 13 to 19 years old, this is the engine room of our competitive future.

Teenagers thrive here with a mix of discipline and humour and relate well to the grumpy old sensei (yours truly).

Competition Boxing in NSW is not allowed until combatants are 14 years of age, and we encourage all our aspiring boxers to get involved with the club at a grassroots level and become one of the team.

Under 13’s Kids Boxing

We have a growing kids program with four classes per week and the capacity to add more after-school classes as the classes grow. The kid’s programs include the same skill-sets as the youth and adult classes, skipping, punching, and speedball, with more advanced kids classes including sparring in a controlled environment. Our training schedules change every couple of months, so to catch the latest kids classes check out our timetable.

Mums and Dads can train for free with their child, or grab a 100-day unlimited pass which includes an equipment pack in the price. Members get the best value from our kid’s memberships which start at $30 per week via Direct Debit or Credit Card, which includes all three classes each and every week.

For more info on our parents and kids classes, watch the short clip above that was filmed here December 2015 for an ABC documentary about men’s mental health series called Man Up – Boxing Dads