What We Teach

Joe’s Boxing Club Sydney as a brand is now 25 years old and has been in existence as a boxing program program since 1994. A lot of evolution has taken place over the years. In 2000 when we first started advertising as Joe’s Boxing there was a public appetite but not much direction or many gyms that offered boxing to those who wanted more or even fitness boxing. Boxing was a shadow of its glory days of the 1940’s and 1950’s with very few private gyms and only PCYC’S providing mainly kids the opportunity to compete in amateur boxing and the private gyms mainly focusing on professionals who they then took a cut of their earnings. For the first few years i fiddled with such things as Tae Bo and kickboxing but it was a core of students who carried it further and slowly took shape. 2005 saw the first black shirt grading done in class without fanfare. Slowly we gained momentum and had our first fight night in 2008 and apart from 2011 we have had at least one club fight night per year for our Black Shirt and some awesome fundraisers such as Joe’s vs The Police where we have raised significant funds for charity. We started entering amateur competition under Boxing NSW in 2009. Boxing Australia (NSW) is the only ratified Olympic pathway organization in Australia. Apart from Masters boxing we do not compete under any other organization or league as from a safety and standard of both competition and fair judging Boxing NSW is the best and the one i am confident our fighters will come home safe from. Out of approximately 8 million people who live in NSW there are less than 2000 that register with combat sports in both amateur and professional ranks therefore the standard even for a first fight is very high. While other gyms have multiple programs and offerings yoga, kickboxing , MMA etc., we concentrate on boxing only every class is about some aspect of boxing and from the beginner to the most highly skilled will benefit from something in every class.

Repetition is the key to every skill with 10,000 hours required to gain expertise. Boxing skills and equipment have built up over centuries now and modern boxing is at least 150 years old so skipping, shadow sparring, running, bagwork, padwork, speedball, floor to ceiling and body-weight fitness are the tried and true methods of boxing. All our classes are coached, this helps to guide the student in technique but also will disguise repetition by adding subtlety via fun drills and games and allows the student to switch off from their life for a while. Professional boxers often have a lonely life training in isolation but we don’t need to suffer like that …. yet!

Black Shirt Program

The Black Shirt Program is the cornerstone of our school, where the emphasis is on student development. At this stage in your boxing journey, we aim to develop core skills rather than have you engage in competition immediately. The aim of the Black Shirt Program is to take a student from beginner through to the equivalent skill level of an amateur boxing competitor. The training consists of a refined series of drills, combinations, and ultimately sparring, a well-travelled journey that can usually be achieved within two years for most students. There is no time limit to achieve your black shirt but it is what our club is primarily about so if you do not want to be part of it we are probably not the club for you.

The program uses a grading system of coloured shirts, which establish the foundation and provide goals for each student to reach.

  • White (beginner)
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black (advanced)

The ultimate student test is the Black Shirt grading. This requires the student to participate in an exhibition match, comprising of 3x 2-minute rounds of boxing, as part of our annual Joe’s Boxing Black Shirt Graduation fight night which generally attracts a crowd of over 100 people (see below 2019). Upon successful completion of your Black Shirt grading, your name will be added to the Joe’s Boxing Honour Roll which is displayed on the wall for all to see.

All students attending Joe’s Boxing need to participate in our Black Shirt program, as it provides you the structure, motivation, and benchmarks to work towards throughout your training. Importantly, it gives all students the opportunity to display their skills, and experience what it’s like to step into the ring and face a real live opponent in front of a large crowd. It’s the closest you will get to experience what it may be like to compete as a competitive boxer. Well worth the journey!

After achieving the black shirt, you can go on to amateur competition under Boxing NSW Australia, the only Olympic certified organization within Australia. Or perhaps you’d like to join our coaching staff and teach others (and get to sit ringside at competitions).

My own journey and passion is from a self defense perspective and i do believe boxing is the fastest route to effective self-defense. Armed services mostly prefer boxing as you are able to be hit hard in the head and feel the chaos that ensues. The following is a chain article with six chapters that describes in detail the neurological responses that happen in a stress situation and how this relates to you boxing training.

A preamble to “The Joe’s Boxing Method”