What We Teach

We teach boxing in a class environment that is focused on skills development and training. Classes have been developed using traditional boxing techniques, including elements adapted from the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) Olympic boxing program. Competitors training at Joe’s Boxing have won tournaments, state titles, competed at Nationals & Commonwealth Games Trials.

Black Shirt Program

The Black Shirt Program is the cornerstone of our school, where the emphasis is on student development. At this stage in your boxing journey, we aim to develop core skills rather than have you engage in competition immediately. The aim of the Black Shirt Program is to take a student from beginner through to the equivalent skill level of an amateur boxing competitor. The training consists of a refined series of drills, combinations, and ultimately sparring, a well-travelled journey that can usually be achieved within two years. There is no time limit to achieve your black shirt but it is what our club is primarily about so if you do not want to be part of it we are probably not the club for you.

The program uses a grading system of coloured shirts, which establish the foundation and provide goals for each student to reach.

  • White (beginner)
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black (advanced)

The ultimate student test is the Black Shirt grading. This requires the student to participate in an exhibition match, comprising of 3x 2-minute rounds of boxing, as part of our annual Joe’s Boxing Black Shirt Graduation fight night which generally attracts a crowd of over 100 people (see below 2019). Upon successful completion of your Black Shirt grading, your name will be added to the Joe’s Boxing Honour Roll which is displayed on the wall for all to see.

All students attending Joe’s Boxing need to participate in our Black Shirt program, as it provides you the structure, motivation, and benchmarks to work towards throughout your training. Importantly, it gives all students the opportunity to display their skills, and experience what it’s like to step into the ring and face a real live opponent in front of a large crowd. It’s the closest you will get to experience what it may be like to compete as a competitive boxer. Well worth the journey!

After achieving the black shirt, you can go on to amateur competition under Boxing NSW Australia, the only Olympic certified organization within Australia. Or perhaps you’d like to join our coaching staff and teach others (and get to sit ringside at competitions).

Private Training

We offer a few different alternatives for private training sessions. Although recommended the trainers here are independent of Joe’s Boxing (apart from Joe) in regard to personal training and as such no liability is intended or implied in these recommendations.

  • Joe – Joe has some 40 years experience in Boxing and Martial Arts. Joe is only taking on clients with a disability who have an NDIS plan and budget in place which he can invoice directly to. You can contact Joe by filling out the enquiry form on the website.
  • Emi – Teaches classes here and offers private lessons currently at around $70per hour with availability at his new club premises in Burwood area . Emi is a top competitor from Argentina with over 30 fights to his credit and has had his second profesional fight recently. You can contact Emi by filling out the enquiry form on the website.
  • Pablo – In addition to working at the gym and teaching classes, Pablo offers private training sessions for $70 per hour for one off, or cheaper if you pay a block in advance or are on a Joe’s Boxing membership. He’s available weekdays 9am-3pm. You can reach Pablo for private training by filling out the enquiry form on the website.
  • Justann Crawford – A legend of the Australian boxing scene; two time Olympian, nine times Australian champion, and an all-around nice guy. He works out of Balmain Fitness or a park near you and you can book an hour of his time for around $100. You can contact Justann by filling out the enquiry form on the website.
  • Steph – Steph is now our resident healer ready to help you or your loved ones get rid of that pain and rehabilitate that injury and is qualified in massage and kinesiology plus is a qualified PT. Steph has also coached boxing here for many years and had two competitive fights.  You can contact Steph by filling out the enquiry form on the website.
  • Demi – Teaches classes here is a qualified PT and offers private lessons currently at around $70 per hour with some availability during the day here but psooibly elsewhere during the evenings. Demi is the fittest 50 year old out there and recently won Australian Masters Golden Gloves but is very light so probably suits the ladies mostly. You can contact Demi by filling out the enquiry form on the website