Weilmoringle Reconnaicance Visit

After an exciting drive to Bourke where i had to use my best bush mechanic skills after my alternator stopped working and the car lost power when the battery died. With a little assistance from road side service i limped into Bourke with jumper leads through the passenger window and only small losses from the load of stuff I brought with me to give to Nulla Nulla land council to distribute amongst their communities.

I had a days rest before making the 400km round trip from Bourke to Weilmoringle and luckily the truck behaved itself and the weather was gorgeous and i got to see where we will set up the small gym and also visit the public school where i found out caters for just 6 students. I saw the community and although it looked ok from the outside you can see that it is economically depressed and could use some help.

I have used the EOFY to buy a car trailer so i can take more stuff with me each time i go and am set to do the trip and build the gym sometime in August or at the latest September. In talking to George the CEO of Nulla Nulla land council, a maximum of 5 will probably use the gym at any one time so i wont be going overboard and therefore will have enough equipment already to do at least three more already.

Because of the logistics of doing such a project this all will not happen overnight but we have made a start and small actions may just make up a big change one day , i’m hopeful at least and grateful for all your support..

The shed where we will setup gym to the right of the caravan
Gotta love the country 200km estimated time 2 hours 15 minutes
Thanks Jonathan for donating this bag and speed ball set
Thanks Andrew for donating this weights set