We are going cashless

Both because i am probably going to be away for extended periods of time and because i want a streamlined system with as little burden on my instructors as they can without having to deal with money.

Going forward all transactions will be conducted through eftpos or via our billing company currently the educational funding company. I have also added one class trial and our starter pack to our shopify store accessible through our website and payid and bank transfer are available if our eftpos is down on rare occasions.

Following our system both for training and the way we pay our fees is the pathway for success for our students. I always find that the people who want to muddy the wates by wanting to make cash payments are not fully committed mentally and usually fail as paying six months or year in advance is great the first time but once the gloss wears off it seems a lot of money when it comes time to renew. As this is not my preferred option i do not give refunds which has the potential to cause angst if the student does leave.

I want weekly cashflow because lives change, most people who come here are only here for up to two years hopefully achieving their black shirt before they go and only a few stay on to compete or coach. Thankfully more and more Black shirts are staying which gives us great depth with currently more than 30 black shirts actively training being 25% or more of our current membership. I would like that to get to 50% or more which i’m sure will see us fill up our competition titles board as well.

The message is follow the process including the way we pay fees. I grandfather fees as long as no pauses or holds are taken which means my longest serving student pays just $20 per week so if you wnat cheaper fees start paying now and keep paying and as prices rise and new students are paying more your fees stay the same but if you take a break when you come back you go to the latest rate.