Umina PCYC Super Sparring

Before Covid this was where our students honed their skills and brought themselves to competition standard before competing in Boxing NSW events. Boxing is a strange sport in some ways, although tennis may have some similarities, in that rather than hide away in your practise you actually seek out other clubs and find people similar weight, age and experience to test yourself against and quite likely you may end up fighting these exact same people. I think people need to remember boxing is a sport and although as i have come to believe it is the fastest route to effective self defence, it is not practised in a vacuum so i encourage you if you are serious about getting to the next level to get to one of these sessions as it is the only way to fast track your progress. No magic pudding in boxing just lots of punches in the face to get good !

To attend these sparring days you must be registered with Boxing NSW as either a fighter $150 per calendar year or you can register a non participant for only $50 per year and attend these and some of the great free seminars coming eg. rules and judging 17th February. To attend super sparring you must be a member of PCYC too which is $30 per year. As PCYC is a charity you $ are going to a great cause and then all super sparring days are free to attend. – to register with Boxing NSW for fighter or non-particpant – to register for events – one time payment PCYC for 2024