Top-Ten Advanced


Starting in May 2018, Joe’s Boxing will offer a new advanced program called Top-Ten. The Top-Ten Program is restricted to students who display the desire, dedication, and talent to reach the very top echelons of international competitive boxing. This will be an invitation-only program for students with the potential to qualify for Olympic and Commonwealth Games selection, who show the raw hunger and grit required to be true champions of the sport.

Getting to the Olympics is an incredibly difficult task for Australians, as we now need to qualify through Asia against powerhouse counties such as China and India. Just two men and one woman made the cut for the 2016 Rio Olympics, three competitors from the hundreds or aspiring boxers hoping to qualify.

There is a Top-Ten program for each age group; Under 13s, Youth 13+, and Adult 17+.

Top-Ten students will have an obligation to compete in Boxing Australia (NSW) or Boxing Australia sanctioned events only. As directed, they will need to attend Boxing Australia (NSW) sanctioned Open Sparring Days, AIS (Australian Institute of Sport), Junior Development days, plus other seminars and training we deem necessary.

This is an ambitious membership for those who wish to take their sport seriously. Boxers are expected to invest there time and effort into the program, ensuring that competitive boxing is seen as their primary commitment. There is a minimum six-month financial commitment to the Top-Ten program, and non-adherence to program requirements can lead to a students’ expulsion at any stage.

  • Saturday
  • 9:00am - 10:00am