Top Ten from 1st May 2020

For a while I have listed some times on the timetable as reserved for Top Ten students but have yet to implement this program. I have decided to open up applications but on for those who have been on the Black Shirt Program (or Competitors) for a minimum of six months. The Top Ten program will be limited to a maximum of 10 people and will require a six month financial commitment. Current Competitors will have first priority as per joining the program but others who may not yet be eligible to compete but intend on being serious may apply. The Top Ten times listed are Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm and Saturday at 10am but even within those times it will be by appointment only with a maximum of two people per session. The aim will be to get Top Ten program participants 30 minutes fortnightly personal coaching with myself building rapport and bonding so that when we reach competition we are on the same page with mutual respect and trust. Current competitors should not feel pressure to upgrade as I will still do extra coaching and the Saturday 9am-10am competitors class will remain. The cost of this program will be $55 per week only by DD/CC and is a six month minimum as opposed to three month for other memberships. After six months the normal 30 days notice rules apply . Please note I am not trying to fill this program I will be happy if only one or two take this up short term but as my time becomes more flexible because of my wonderful instructors it is a way for serious students to get concentrated time with me to hopefully obtain success.