Timetables & Prices

Since returning after Covid we have started the timetable that was going to be implemented in May 2020. The main changes for adults are that only those who are on the Black Shirt Program are eligible to attend 6pm weekday classes and 8am Saturdays as well as Thursday Advanced Sparring 8pm. Students who are on the 100 day membership who have good attendance will be offered an upgrade to the Black Shirt Program at the halfway point of their membership (50 days) with a months compensation to their existing membership before the direct debit begins. Please note that advanced sparring is what it says. Although if you join on the Black Shirt Membership you are eligible to attend you are expected to be good enough to attend. If you are not sure best if you ask Joe before attending. There is now a youth sparring class on Saturday afternoon 2pm-2.30pm but again only those on Black Shirt memberships are eligible to attend. The new members class on Saturday is a once only attendnace for prospective members and a given a quick overview before being put into the 3pm general class to complete their trial. People who have already joined should not come to this class. 8-12 years classes are Monday & Wednesday 4.20pm to 5pm and Saturday at 12pm-1pm. Those 8-12 years who have graded to grey shirt may attend the 1pm – 2pm combined advanced/kids and youth class but not youth weekdays at 5pm unless permission from Joe garnered as well as upgrading to black shirt membership and is unlikely to be granted for anyone under 12 years old. The under 8’s class 11.30am -12pm saturday class is still a casual $20 class as well as Monday 4pm-4.20pm but i am allowing people to now pay for a block of 5 classes with one active kids voucher for the under 8’s classes only. Active Kids vouchers can be accepted for students who are between the ages of 4-17 years and obtained from Service NSW. They can be used to part pay (complete pay if have 2) for 100 day memberships and i will credit 4 weeks of the black shirt program for every active kids voucher as well. After having on the timetable idle for a couple of years there are now two people on my Top Ten program. Entry to this program is tricky as it not only requires skill and potential but they probably difficult times available to attend so i make it hard but we are getting great results which i hope will transfer to competition when it returns so you are welcome to ask me about it but there may be some time before i am able to add more people to that program so don’t be offended by rejection.