The road ahead for Joe’s Boxing Club Sydney

I am currently sitting in my hotel in Dublin after spending a week walking the West Highland Way in Scotland. Because the group I was walking with were younger and fitter than me and were more interested in racing each other than savoring the life changing scenery, I spent a good deal of time walking by myself and thinking what is my legacy to martial arts and especially boxing and where do i want to take Joe’s Boxing Club Sydney from here.

I am 65 years old and while many my age are retiring, I feel i am just getting started. I have been blessed with at least enough and that means after 50 years of studying martial arts, 35 years of teaching, 30 years of having a full time facility and 21 years of being full time I now want to teach the things that I believe work. To be a student here you must want to be coached and although that sounds like an oxymoron it is surprising how often some people think they know better.

My competitive career was in martial arts not boxing but i have something that most coaches don’t which is i have experienced extreme self defense situations one that even included a gun. The reasons i settled on teaching boxing are many but no 1 is i believe it is the fastest route to effective self defense so if you give me two years dedication i promise you will have a punchers chance in any situation .

I did six black belts and although they were long and arduous tests, nothing beats the eight minutes of terror you will experience in your black shirt test. Our Black Shirt program is the core of what we are and I now expect students to follow the process however slowly that may be. To get the skills needed to be proficient there has to be some sparring involved at some stage so a punch in the face and I’m afraid that hit in the head that has you seeing stars are a necessary part of your journey even if i wish it wasn’t.

We are not a fitness boxing place, there no casual visits, once a week memberships or 10 class packs anymore. We have our 28 days starter pack that includes all equipment in the price but after that it’s dd/cc membership or nothing. No free trials here because we go to a lot of effort to make it a good experience so we want only those who are at least considering committing to experience Joe’s.

We are class based with 8 instructors coaching every week. At least 4 of our coaches are nationally accredited. I believe group training works best because you can’t box alone and the more people you can feed off the faster you will learn plus the comradery will keep you going when the grind gets tough. This is why it is called Joe’s Boxing Club not Joe’s Boxing Gym as is often mistakenly referred to.

We are affiliated to Boxing Australia NSW which is the only recognized Olympic pathway so you could potentially start with me and go all the way to the Olympics but we do not do professional boxing here. As far as competition goes be aware out of 8 million people in NSW, there are only around 2000 registered competitors in total both amateur and professional . This means the standard is very high and in general i only support those who have achieved black shirt to compete.

I once met a Twae Kwon Do instructor who would not take on a student who had already had martial arts experience previously. I have not yet had the bravery to do this but more and more I am turning people away if I think they will not be positive for our culture.

We only offer PT here from 9am-3pm weekdays and not much opportunity to self train. There are a couple of people I can recommend if you cannot fit into our times if PT is what you want. We do extra coaching for registered competitors leading up to fights and run a fight camp for Red Shirts before testing at our Black Shirt promotion nights. We also encourage any body to attend Umina PCYC open sparring days but you will need to register with PCYC ($30 per year) and Boxing NSW (non competitor membership $50 per year).

While other gyms are expanding offerings kickboxing, yoga, strength & conditioning, fitness boxing, ladies only etc etc we are focusing on just boxing because i can and want you as a student not a client . i will personally know your name as soon as i can and the time you spend here you will never forget as the 5500 people who have come before you in last 27 years will attest to.

In the very near future we will be the first Boxing Club that owns it’s very own retreat as I am currently adding accommodation and facilities to my 100 acres of bush in Rylstone and we will have an experience that will be compulsory for all students before attempting Black Shirt. I am hoping that we will be able to run Black Shirt Gradings there as well as the city.

I won’t go into too much detail here but as we build our strength, it is important that we help others less fortunate than we so Joe’s Boxing Club has an extensive record of running our events for charity with Giant Steps School for kids with Autism receiving some $35k over 4 events but much work is being done for Indigenous in Australia, supporting Boxing clubs in PNG and Fiji and our reach as even reached as as Zambia.

There is a lot to look forward to so come join us and give me two years to get skills for a lifetime !