The Queen turns 10 years old long live the Queen Black Shirt Grading then big party Saturday 2nd December in honour of Ronda.

Ronda turns 10 on the 2nd December (or thereabouts) so i thought it would be a great theme for our last Black Shirt Grading of the year and Christmas party after to have Ronda’s birthday as a theme. I found Ronda as a feral kitten in Bourke NSW the day Ronda Rousey was fighting and has been mine and so many students friend here for the past 10 years and may she have 10 more glorious years. Ronda is special fiercely independent she famously got lost at my bush proeprty when she was young. I thought i’d lost her until 6 weeks later I got a call from the local vet in Rylstone. She had walked 25km through the bush and country from my place to Rylstone in mid winter and was there two weeks before someone caught her and handed the fugitive in. I knew i had a special pet then and she went missing twice more in Sydney for 8 and 10 weeks respectively before she settled down to the beautiful majestic lady you see today. Ps – It’s Ronda as in Ronda Rousey not Rhonda as in Rhonda and Katut.