The Joe’s Boxing method – The seven secrets for great boxing

So this is the final chapter and like anything on the internet there’s no seven secrets and the seven listed here are no secret and you won’t master them by watching stuff on the internet, you need to find a club and a coach and repeat them for 10,000 hours.

For those who live where finding a club is not practical i will list the things here you can look for and there are many tutorials via YouTube you can find by just typing in the heading of each of the seven below and add Boxing to the end. I will develop a course at a later date which encompasses the seven and more but how each relate to what i have talked about in the previous chapters of ‘The Joe’s Boxing Method’. i have a lot of charitable aspirations and projects so will be monetizing it in some way but it will be cheap whatever it is.

The seven secrets are skipping, shadow sparring, footwork, bag-work, speed ball, floor to ceiling

Skipping, Shadow Sparring and Footwork certainly overlap giving you the skill of tiny movement with your feet so you can be in and out of range in an instant. Bag-work builds your power and hones your speed and accuracy and the floor to ceiling and speed-ball give you the eye to make lightening quick decisions on distancing, ring awareness and timing.

This concludes this series so now all you have to do is come in and follow the process and in other less polite words you will hear here from time to time just show up and shut up.