The Dog House Network 10 looking for Boxers interested in adopting a dog

My name is Shannon and I am contacting on behalf of Network 10 as a casting producer for the television series ‘The Dog House Australia’.

We are currently casting for the next series and after a brainstorm yesterday, we would absolutely LOVE to find a boxing member or gym owner who might be on the lookout for a new furry four legged member of the family.  

We would also love to spread the word generally to individuals of both your staff, friends and family in case anyone else is also interested and feel ready to adopt a rescue dog for themselves.

Here is a brief overview of the show for reference:

The Dog House is in its fourth series and can be found here  The series is a heartwarming television show where we match families/individuals with rescue dogs with the help from Animal Welfare League who are looking for their forever home!

I have attached a flyer to this email, and you can find the direct link to the application below.


Look forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance,


Shannon Weir
Casting Producer  – The Dog House Australia

+61 04495921251 Saunders Street Pyrmont, Sydney, NSW 2009