Steph our resident healer

Steph, who has worked here for many years as a boxing coach as well as having two competitive fight with Boxing NSW, has now completed her Kinesiology studies and is keen to open shop with our members . Steph has had a journey of her own being medically discharged from the police in 2015 with an RSI which after several operations developed into chronic pain. One day while in hospital her body began to unwind from the pain in an exorcist kinda way taking her over and moving her body in all sorts of strange directions to self heal. That moment was a type of epiphany for her healing and her future direction healing others. Over the last six years she has studied and gone from practicing on me and her close friends and relatives to helping a range of clients who have experienced huge positive changes in pain relief and mobility and has developed a sixth sense in finding what is wrong, often not what the patient perceives as the problem area. Being a qualified PT and now enhancing her skills with formal Kinesiology and massage study she is ready to take her healing powers to the world.

Many people here know of Steph’s son Max who is severely autistic and whose school Giant Steps has been recipient of much of our fund raising for the last 10 years. Most will not know that Steph has two other NDIS clients who suffer from MS and she has worked tirelessly with them to slow down that insidious disease. It is not uncommon for Steph to spend three hours at a time working out the joints and muscles of her clients to increase range of motion which unchecked detoriates quickly. In my mind it is the mark of a true healer to never give up searching for the answer when most have given up even the patient.

Most physio’s tell my students who have an injury that they must stop boxing it drives me crazy. Can’t you fix someone without leaving the field of play, that’s your job ! But I will tell a story unrelated to Steph that illustrates someone with the passion and confidence to get the job done while everyone else gives up. My friend Steve, who i started karate with in 1979, died in a diving accident at 42 and his body was never found. Steve was wild, when i met him having 7 assault charges laid against him by the age of 16. A blue collar worker, he met me and my medical student friend Sean and was inspired to go back to school finish year 10 and went on to do physiotherapy and was for a number of years the physio for the Canterbury Crusaders Rugby team winning multiple championships with them. A year after he went missing a memorial service was held in Christchurch. I told some of my stories, the current All Black coach at the time, Wayne Smith told his story how steve worked with his son who had cerebral palsy and then a gentleman who none of us recognised stood up and said “You dont know me but some time ago i was lying in my bed weighing 160kg, unable to move with a back injury so bad doctors said i would never walk again. Suddenly my door was kicked in and a man i didnt know talked incessantly for an hour to me and told me he was going to fix me but it was going to take him 10 years. I’m here to tell you it took 7. ” I howl everytime i tell that story but totally believe that Steve has somehow reincarnated some of himself in Steph.

I am hoping students can make use of Steph’s skills if injured and still continue to box. I am so confident of this i am moving my office to upstairs and my downstairs current office will become the healing centre with some relevant exercise equipment and steph’s massage table. We will install curtains so people can be treated with privacy while classes are running.

Please see below for Steph;s offerings