Proudly Supporting PNG Boxing Clubs since 2012

Since posting about our support for Boxing Clubs in Papua New Guinea we have responded to three more requests from other clubs from Weewak, Bougainville and now Manus Island. I have sent two boxes to Bougainville and Weewak and Lynne from Wantaim came and took a bootload of stuff for Manus Island Boxing Club.

The sheer joy and gratitude that this support gives and the direction and hope that enriches the youth both boys and girls, who just want and deserve a chance, makes me very proud to be just a tiny part of. Postage is very expensive and I can only send 6kg so as I did with Goroka once enough equipment is sourced I will fly at my own expense to each of the locations and with the generous 30kg of luggage allowed we can get enough to really make a difference.

If you would like to be a part and have some spare boxing equipment that you would like to retire please bring it with you to Joe’s Boxing and I will store until ready to fly. Older stuff is ok as PNG post office and customs will try to charge extra if they can for new equipment so a mix of old and new stuff is good. Equally new equipment or cash donations to the cause are most welcome too.

Lynne with boxing gear bound for Manus Island