Private training best done as a member

Boxing was never supposed to be done alone, so my eyes roll when someone inquires and says they want to be serious about their boxing but only want private lessons. Just learning off one style, having no one to feed off and train with is just not the most effective way to learn. Certainly some of boxing is solitary, the skipping, shadow sparring and running but the socialization of a group atmosphere and working as a team is the way to go. Even Jeff Fenech has a number of students in his stable that compliment each other and can partner or do sparring in between the fight camps leading up before the big fights. The only time i think Private Training only is valid is when your timetable doesn’t fit with our class timetable and that PT is the only option.

On the other hand i’m all for students doing extra private lessons with one of our fabulous instructors and the best way to do that is to talk to them after the class if you enjoy their teaching style and see if you can find a time that works. Unfortunately the studio is only available beyween 9am-3pm weekdays for privates and certainly Pablo or Steph, because of their family committments, have no other availability but Emi or others on the list maybe able to do outside or somewhere else outside my studio times. Justann works from Balmain Fitness but if you work hard here and attend his classes, show promise and dedication , get your black shirt and register for competition with Boxing NSW, Justann will often do extra training with you but as many a student has found out be careful what you wish for!

With all this in mind if you are interested in extra coaching especially if our available times fit in with your timetable the following link has details of who and what availability they have and what their ball park rates are. I do not take a cut from them so please deal directly not through me. Scroll down the page to get to private training section.