Unlimited Membership

Ongoing memberships for Black Shirt Program. and Competition
BLACK SHIRT PROGRAM for Teens and Adults
Training for Black Shirt and competition
Training for Black Shirt and competition
Pay by Direct Debit or Credit Card
Private Training
$100*/one hour
*One on One Boxing Coaching - Early Mornings Daytimes Weekends
*Depends on what trainer you choose see ``What we teach`` and scroll down to PT section for the different trainers and their offerings.
Apart from Joe the trainers work independently and no commission or cut is taken by Joe's Boxing or liability accepted from your interaction with them.
28 Day Turbo Starter Pack
$199/Once Only
Unlimited Classes Equipment included
10oz-16oz Gloves / Hand Wraps
Skipping Rope / T-Shirt

Membership Terms & Conditions

Starter memberships are paid in full no refunds or pauses

Black Shirt Memberships are paid fortnightly via Direct Debit or Credit Card

  • 8 week minimum with 28-day cancellation notice after initial period
  • Initial membership for one year and if training regularly will roll over on same terms but only 28 day notice to cancel.
  • Memberships paid in full for one year receive a 10% discount.
  • Holds are permitted one time per year minimum 4 weeks maximum 8 weeks however on return the amount increases to current advertised rate and a $15 administration fee applies while on hold.
  • Continuous memberships are rewarded via grandfathering of fees meaning no increases ever while the student remains financially active as a student.

No one is sent to debt recovery for non payment or not adhering to cancellation policy  however if terms of agreement are broken the student may not be able to rejoin at a later date.

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