Ongoing memberships for Black Shirt Program and Advanced Classes
2x Visits Per Week
Total 8x Per Month
3x Visits Per Week
Total 12x Per Month
Unlimited Classes
Extra Coaching
Invitation Only
Advanced Coaching


$20/Single Session
Trial Session
Qualified Instructors
Gear Supplied
$199/Once Only
Unlimited Classes
10oz-16oz Gloves / Hand Wraps
Skipping Rope / T-Shirt

Membership Terms & Conditions

Memberships paid fortnightly via Direct Debit or Credit Card

  • 3-month minimum
  • 30-day cancellation notice
  • Memberships paid in full for one year receive a 10% discount.

The 100-day starter pack is designed to give students a good look at boxing without a massive commitment. There are some restrictions in that those on a starter pack are not eligible to attend the advanced sparring classes.

If you wish to participate in sparring immediately, you must sign up for one of the DD/CC memberships. However, unless you have substantial boxing experience the 100 days could be well used by getting your technique and fitness in order before attempting the advanced sparring classes.

Although all members, including those on starter packs, are already working towards their Black Shirt. Once you go on to an ongoing membership, we expect that all students become committed to achieving their Black Shirt. You can go as slow or fast as you like, but it is expected that you try to do this continuously and not stop and start if possible. If you don’t want to be part of the Black Shirt system, then this club may not be for you and it is best we both know that upfront.

The ongoing memberships are both flexible and generous and are calculated on the average number of visits that a student attends, not how many visits are attended within a specific week. A visit is considered a day-pass, so multiple classes on one day count as one visit and unused days carry over. A student may get ahead of their weekly visit count as long as it evens out over the year. If a student consistently exceeds the visits their membership allows, it is generally an honesty policy to upgrade to the higher membership. A twice a week membership is perfectly adequate for progress and ultimately achieving your Black Shirt.

Membership holds are not generally allowable for students going on holidays especially at Christmas time and will only be considered for medical reasons with a supplied medical certificate, however, it is preferred that people cancel their membership, give proper notice, and return when they are ready.

Those who do not pay the minimum three-month requirement or provide 30-day notice thereafter may be unable to return as a student here. Those who terminate membership before achieving their Black Shirt will need to reapply and recommit to the process if they wish to return to training.