Tragedy in Bondi – Jordan Byrne

Jordan a Black Shirt from the class of 2016 was stabbed to death Saturday 26th August in what I believe was an act of heroism protecting a woman. Jordan was full of life achieving much in his 26 years. He was kind of wild but a character with no malice in his heart. What a […]

Farewell Good friend

We recently said goodbye to my great friend and former student Guyon Cates who passed away Sunday 26th August after a long battle with illness. My dear buddy showed amazing dignity and courage to the very end and the nights we had together were just so special . Rest easy buddy we miss your laughter. […]

Renovations in progress

Thanks so much to Ethan for building a great punch bag hanging bar capable of holding 4 bags. This has allowed us to clear the floor area and have more room for the ever increasing numbers in classes. New mats as well for the ring with a canvas and new ropes coming then ultimately a […]

Tent boxing at the Frontier Festival

As part of his closing speech Will talked of why having Tent Boxing was important for the festival. During the period from the 1920’s through 1950’s our indigenous peoples were forced to live in settlements and unable even to travel to the next village to see their relatives. Tent Boxing therefore was one of the […]

The Frontier Festival 16th – 19th August 2018

What an amazing journey I drove 6000km over 10 days and then had 4 days of exquisite experience in the Gulf Country. Our wonderful former student and brilliant boxer Alec (Will to us) Doomadgee and his wife Amy put on an amazing festival with it’s focus firmly on our first peoples. I have become so […]

Road Trip Anyone ?

I will be leaving Sydney post running City to Surf on Sunday 12th August and embarking on a 2560km journey to the Frontier Festival 16th -19th August which has been organized by our former student and Indigenous Hero Will Doomadgee and his wife Amy. I have a spare seat if anyone wants to come along […]

Umina Open Sparring this Sunday 8th July at 9am

If you are serious about ultimately moving into competition and improving you fighting ability this is a must. It costs just $20 a year to join Umina PCYC and presto you will be doing rounds with the best in NSW. The attached poster gives all the dates for the rest of the year so if […]

Love our new website here’s the people responsible

Sam and Jess have done an amazing job modernizing our website but still keeping true to our vision and culture.  The following is an overview of what they can do for you and they come with my highest recommendation. Sam and the team at Marketing Insights specialise in online marketing for local business and SMEs. […]

Team Chelsea

Barbara who is Chelsea’s mother was a student here in Karate and her name is on the honour board achieving her black belt. Unfortunately Chelsea has been battling Leukaemia for the last two years and it’s not over yet with the treatment now moving to a bone marrow transplant. Barbara has documented the journey on […]