Fijian Connection

Bula Sir,               My name is RUPENI MARA a CORRECTION officer in Fiji.I would like to request for the above subject matter..The reason is I would like to help our youth in our village not to be associated in Crimes.At the mean we a using punching bags fill with […]

Equipment refresh and upgrades

I have just got new corner pads for the ring and added top of the line Jim Bradley Speedballs and Floor to Ceiling Balls to refresh the school.

Ethan’s last class

After more than three years with us Ethan and Amelia are moving up the coast proving the old adage that all good things must come to an end. Ethan has been a top student friend , competitor and coach and as the best says “Top Champion Bloke”. Miss you heaps buddy ! Winner 2019 Paddo […]

Top Ten from 1st May 2020

For a while I have listed some times on the timetable as reserved for Top Ten students but have yet to implement this program. I have decided to open up applications but on for those who have been on the Black Shirt Program (or Competitors) for a minimum of six months. The Top Ten program […]

Changes to timetable to come into effect from May 1st 2020.

Some of these classes may start unofficially before 1st May but definitely are on the timetable for May 1st. The following are either new classes or changes to existing classes and also changes in eligibility to classes. For a while now I have wrestled with how to give more to longer term students and am […]

Changes to classes from February 1st 2020

As our kids and youth program have developed I have found it to be beneficial to split up the ages even further and because it is difficult for a 6 year old to be in a class with a 11 or 12 year old , therefore I am no longer letting the under 8’s go […]

Kaizen – little steps 2020

Kaizen a Japanese word literally meaning “little steps” is an oft used concept now used in industry meaning small ongoing constant improvements. This year marks 23 years at this location and 20 years of Joe’s boxing as a brand has been in existence, although some form of boxing or kickboxing program under my tutelage has […]

After the Count

The death of Davey Brown in 2015 had far reaching effects on Boxing as a sport both amateur and professional. Steph Convery has written the book about it and it will be on sale in March 2020. Steph got her black shirt here in 2018 and is still a current member.

Free Holiday in the Bush ?

I will be spending some of the holidays at Rylstone setting up for the arrival of the container that will be used primarily to store goods and furniture to then transport and give to Indigenous Communities further west. I also have other building projects , track development and old cars “bush bashers” to fix up […]