Changes to terms and conditions for black shirt program membership

Membership holds are a pain administration wise and i often find that students use membership holds to kid themselves they are training but not contributing financially or as a mechanism to avoid paying a notice period of 28 days. Neither is particularly palatable to me and therefore i am making it less attractive to do […]

Black Shirt Grading Saturday 2nd December from 5pm

This is free event so come along and support you training buddies. Friends and family most welcome. Stay for for our Xmas party and Ronda’s 10th birthday. BYO ok but not to be opened till black shirt promotion has finished.

The Queen turns 10 long live the Queen !

In honour of our ruler the after black shirt Xmas party Saturday 2nd December from 7pm will also be Ronda’s birthday party. All students past and present, friends and family are welcome to attend Black Shirt Grading starting from 5pm as well but then from around 7pm we will celebrate the past year and Ronda’s […]

Referendum in context of my experience with Bourke NSW

Warning politics involved but your vote your choice 🙏 I have been asked to co-ordinate a program called “on track “ in bourke which puts young offenders through a boxing course and reports to the judge at sentencing. Mission Australia is partnering PCYC and Boxing NSW which i was till recently treasurer . Bourke is […]

Top Ten for Kids

There has been a gap in our timetable for the kids who are most talented, so I am putting on two classes Tuesday and Thursday 4.30pm-5pm which will be invitation only for the kids who show potential and committment for boxing. This membership will incur a higher fee as there will be two extra classes […]