Make a $20 donation get a boxing poster free

I have 100’s of Boxing posters from the last 20 years which i mostly got from Sky TV when they used to televise Boxing. If you make a donation of just $20 i will give you boxing poster and include postage if you can’t pick it up personally. Again all proceeds go to updating our […]

Silent Auction to raise funds for Weilmoringle trip

The following items are available to bid for but i will only release the item if the bid is reasonable and above my personal reserve price. This is for a charitable cause as well as refreshing the equipment in the gym. I will contact whoever has made the successful bid. Make a bid via email […]

Raffle framed poster Tim Tszyu vs Jack Brubaker signed by both fighters

10 tickets only $50 each so one in 10 chance of winning. Proceeds go to upgrading dumbells and taking the old ones to Weilmoringle to set up a gym for them. Weilmoringle is an indigenous community of just 70 people 200km approximately northeast of Bourke just 20km from Queensland border. Reply by email or text […]

Future Competitors Class starting Wednesday July 7th 8pm-9pm.

The mixed sparring class starting May 5th will morph into a Future Competitors class from July 7th for those grey shirt and above eligible to attend. Although some sparring may still take place this will be a brutal fitness session aimed at scaring the bejeezus out of anyone who attends at the level of fitness […]

Weilmoringle Outback Adventure

As many of you know, i have been taking loads of household goods to the Nulla Nulla Land Council in Bourke who distribute amongst their clients who are some of the most disadvantaged indigeneous communities in New South Wales at least. Bourke Shire is roughly the size of the country of Belgium and just 4000 […]

Fee rises from 1st May 2021

Every year from now i will be making a small increase to our fees apart from the great value first 100 days membership which will stay at $199. All existing memberships are grandfathered and stay the same but if a membership is cancelled and the student wishes to rejoin then they will go to the […]

Private training best done as a member

Boxing was never supposed to be done alone, so my eyes roll when someone inquires and says they want to be serious about their boxing but only want private lessons. Just learning off one style, having no one to feed off and train with is just not the most effective way to learn. Certainly some […]

Changes to youth program from 1st March 2021

Our youth program (13-19 years) has been steadily growing and it is time to make some changes to allow and encourage students to further develop and hopefully get some of our students to the development camps available with Boxing Australia and hopefully into competition and maybe some will be able to represent Australia one day. […]

2020 hits and misses

For Joe’s boxing 2020 turned out as good as it could have and in some ways better than we could have hoped for. Unfortunately for us we didnt get one student in open competition in 2020 with the shutdown coming just days before two of our students were scheduled to be on shows. We were […]

Mixed Sparring Class coming 2021

By the end of when I taught karate (2008) we had graded 46 people to black belt and higher dan grades. 26 were boys and 20 were girls which is much higher percentage of women than we currently enjoy in our black shirt program. One of the greatest things that developed in our karate was […]