Mixed Sparring Class coming 2021

By the end of when I taught karate (2008) we had graded 46 people to black belt and higher dan grades. 26 were boys and 20 were girls which is much higher percentage of women than we currently enjoy in our black shirt program. One of the greatest things that developed in our karate was that men and women sparred each other all the time and it was seen as natural. Although boxing is a little different, I think with some sense we can implement a class which will allow men and women to trade technique with each other safely and with great benefit to both genders. Steph and I get great enjoyment from punching each other in the face well maybe Steph gets more enjoyment than I do! Once the year has got going we will trial a mixed sparring class Wednesdays at 8pm. This will be open to anyone grey shirt and above and will be strictly supervised similar to Monday nights beginners sparring. I hope that one day this class can become defunct as it will be so natural that boys and girls interact together that we don’t need a seperate class for this purpose.

Start date Wednesday 5th May 8pm