Let’s get the party started !

PCYC King of the Ring 7th-10th March will soon overtake Queensland Golden Gloves as the biggest tournament in Australia. We will have a small team attending and we took away two rings last year let’s go for three or more this year! We have currently 6 people currently or in the process of registering to compete with Boxing Australia. I will support anybody who has achieved Black Shirt to compete and will give honest opinion if perhaps people want to do Sydney contender (corporate boxing comp) before getting their black shirt. If a student comes from somewhere else and has had fights we will review depending on experience and how long out of the ring. Umina Super Sparring or Complete Boxing open sparring is a must to get the proepr standard before competing.

See below for PCYC events for this year. PCYC is the powerhouse of amateur boxing in NSW and holds the most number of tournaments with at least 12 events on the calendar for this year. These tournaments are mostly free for competitors and reasonably priced for spectators. PCYC is a charity and does brilliant work in regional NSW too. They are also the competitions where the best amateurs fight not necessarily from PCYC but just the best. There has been a trend for some of the city PCYC’s like Rockdale (Tszyu Fight CLub) and Sutherland (Southside) to rent their spaces instad of trying to run with volunteers resulting in the best combination of commercially run but cheaper costs than renting privately.

We as a private club get to piggy back off a larger communityt with both PCYC and Boxing NSW both providing the best in competition, open sparring, development camps and coaching training. I am attending free coaching session next Sunday with Jamie Pittman the national development coach.