Learn to fight – never have to fight !

This is a true story recently regaled by one of our black shirts John whose son Jack acheived gold shirt last year. It is a story i have heard many times in my 35 years of teaching and is the single biggest reason that i continue to coach. My own journey was of a well educated competitive but non violent person that was kind of scared, as we all should be, of street confrontations that channelled that fear into martial arts.

This is John’s story: John was walking with my family in the city when i saw three men approaching all three were body builders but one of them was obviously in Roids rage and was pushing very aggressively everyone who passed him and John was pretty sure they were next. So he steeled himself and had a plan that when the man went to push him he would step back and uppercut him and push him over a barrier next to them. At the very moment the confrontation was about to happen the man’s shoulders drooped his head went down and he shuffled past avoiding eye contact.

I don’t know when it is but if i had to guess it would be about a year after you get your black shirt something amazing happens that you develop an aura that without displaying any aggression people will treat you different and think twice before taking you on. It’s not 100% fool proof but i have heard similar stories and expereinced the same thing so many times there has got to be something.

One day i will figure out the science of it and be able to say what it is but for now i will enjoy the magic and continue to give that power to the good people who don’t want to fight or hurt someone but will stand up for what is right or protect their family from bad things.

Winning boxing fights and trophies are great but are only experiences in developing us as good human beings and we either win or we learn.