Kaizen – little steps 2020

Kaizen a Japanese word literally meaning “little steps” is an oft used concept now used in industry meaning small ongoing constant improvements. This year marks 23 years at this location and 20 years of Joe’s boxing as a brand has been in existence, although some form of boxing or kickboxing program under my tutelage has existed since 1993. The following posts will reflect on the small changes and improvements that will be implemented of the coming months with some new classes to be added and some eligibility to existing classes to be restricted with the aim of offering more so that people will stay longer and get more benefits as they progress. My gratitude to all my great instructors and seniors for all their assistance and for Pablo and Steph for taking the lead and allowing me to escape to my “happy place” retreat at Rylstone where I hope to soon announce improvements and more training camps in the future.

I recently went to an art exhibition featuring Cornelia Parker at the MCA and have been totally inspired by this great mind. I have been playing around with junk sculpture in the bush at Rylstone and this exhibition has my creative juices at overload now.