Joint project Joe’s Boxing and others sending boxing equipment to Wantaim PNG (Manus Island)

In May I was contacted by Lynne who was wanting help for Manus Island Boxing Associations Island. It was timely as i was doing some upgrades here and as Lynne had contacts in shipping was able to send a substantial amount of stuff so here is the story in pictures. So honoured to be a part of this project and hope to one day make the journey to Manus myself.

Hi there, Congratulations on the great work you do supporting boxing communities in less developed countries! This email is to request your help, probably a bit different to your usual request.My organisation, Wantaim PNG, works in Manus in PNG. I am from Manus and Australia and live in Sydney. The Manus Boxing Association does fabulous work training and mentoring youths in boxing, youths that otherwise have little to do and create a lot of social disturbance in communities. They’ve approached me with a list of boxing equipment they need. I am going to write a grant to purchase the equipment. Where I hoped you might be able to help is by helping me source quality equipment (as I have no idea!) and good (ie your) prices. I realise this may be a little unusual but your commitment to community encouraged me to reach out.