Joe’s Epic journey to Europe and Middle East

A combination of long service leave non-retirement holiday and a spiritual journey will see me away from 20th April 2024 till 26th June 2024. First stop Shanghai where 30 years ago i helped install the first ATM for the Shanghai Post Office. I’m expecting to see alot of change. Then London via Dubai and on to Scotland where myself and a few young men in their 50’s will do an 8 day hike through the Moors called the West Highlands Way approximately 25km each day. After a few whiskies (i dont really drink) i will wander Scotland and Ireland for a few weeks before making my way to the South of France & Italy with a visit to Berlin to see our Ben and other friends. I am then hoping to fit an excursion to Cairo where an old friend Sally coaches women’s boxing in a most patriachial society and while i’m there make a quick 700km journey to the Halfaya Sollum War Cemetary and find my uncles grave who was killed by a sniper in Egypt during WWII.

Please look after Joe’s boxing in my absence and i am looking forward to seeing the club stand on its feet independently from me and although i don’t want to give up coaching here , there is much to do in Rylstone, Bourke, PNG plus more mountains to climb both physically and metaphorically. If I’m not to live my best life what example do i set for students.

I have buried this offer deep so only those who bother to read the newsletetr will find the treasure . To make it easier for instructors while i’m away we will be offering only one membership from the period 20th April to 26th June 2024. The 28 day starter pack will be offered to all prospective students, past or new with the end date being extended to the 30th June 2024 if you join before the 2nd of June 2024 after which the normal 28 day cycle will resume. If you joined on the 20th April you would get 81 days of membership. If you join on the 1st May you will get 70 days membership. If you join 15th May = 55 days membership. Terms and Conditions – No cash – all payments will need to be paid by eftpos (most imediate). Bank transfer and payid are vailable or we have these products on our shopify store accessible from our website but these will need confirmation from me on the other side of the world to proceed. If you were a student here previously the price does not include equipment but you can buy the pack for $50 or buy what you need individually. No rainchecks, no holds, no refunds. We don’t do specials any longer so if this appeals i’d snap it up. Please call Pablo on 0420 792 103 to book in or fill out the contact form on our website and someone will be in touch.