The Joe’s Boxing Method – A different way of looking at meditation & music in relation to boxing training

I am declaring war on Air pods, if anyone is wearing them during a training session they are fair game for other students to sneak up and slap them across the head. Besides it being rude and disrespectful the person can’t use an important sense and therefore should be taught how vulnerable they are. Hearing is a vital part of your six sense and you should use your time at training to learn the sounds that will help you in the ring.

i confess i have never quite got meditation as a tool to calm me, I’m not very flexible so sitting when i did karate i was more concerned about the pain in my knees or back to get much from it. Although i tried not much changed flexibility wise over the years so i never quite got past the pain barrier and my mind has always been too busy to get to enlightenment but a really good friend has taken it seriously and has had some obvious benefits so i am not belittling meditation practice it’s just never totally worked for me as religious faith has neither.

i recently had a brush with cancer which triggered tinnitus in my ears. I’m lucky that it is the sound of crickets or static not ringing which is often associated with tinnitus plus my body has learned to block it out so it happens intermittently, however always a silver lining, it has taught me to be more attentive to my hearing and because of age i also have some hearing loss i am suddenly more interested more interested in my hearing. i want to stave off getting a hearing aid for as long as i can as with glasses once they are on there’s no going back so I’m trying to reinvigorate my hearing by just trying to hear.

So here is the exercise sit for 5 minutes at a time and instead of trying to clear your mind listen intently for all sounds and what they might be especially faint or small sounds. This technique is actually also what they say to do to clear your mind as in some ways once you can recognize the sounds and know they won’t harm you it can allow you relax and become calm. Never worked for me but maybe it can help you but i am more interested in being more alert not less.

Music and your boxing training

My karate teacher said at the training camp for my first karate full contact tournament – “The person who will win the contest will be the one who imposes their rhythm on the other’. I spent more than a year training and sparring at an uptown New York dojo with a former USA Karate champion. He was still active in sparring and attracted the very best of karate, kickboxing and even golden gloves boxers. When we were sparring and i was getting whopped, Reggae music was constantly playing and these guys fought liked they danced so smooth, so cool and so ruthless. 1988 was probably the height of Reggae with hints of techno and hip hop emerging but Shabba Ranks and Michael Jackson still reigned supreme on the edge of Harlem. Their movement was mesmerizing and it seduced you to follow their rhythm which was the trap and then they had you! So the motto is DO NOT BE SEDUCED BY YOUR OPPONENT’S RHYTHM.

I’m not a big fan of hardcore rap, besides Eminem of course, but it’s beat is generally too fast and lyrics too aggressive so doesn’t in my mind promote the calmness needed for a real battle but i also think that it is good to change it up with different tempo music so you are not just caught in one rhythm, try pop, play classical, try country and yes rock and even rap (in moderation) . Music that might be slow when you want to be fast. Disconnect your mind from what you hear because it is another way of practicing taking control of your situation.

In the next chapter and final chapter of this series i will explain how boxing uses its equipment to achieve a boxers skill and fighting mindset.

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