Joe’s Boxing Member-id number passing 5500

Any day now we will add student number 5500, which are students who have had a membership here in the 27 years we have been in service to Five Dock. This does not include those who have done a trial or who have done casual classes in the past (no casual classes offered now) or have been a guest here from another city or country, only able to be here for a short time.

I am very proud that we have made it this far and that i am now debt and mortgage free and so am able to put more effort into student service and not be trying to have endless specials to attract people to make the mortgage payment. We however still have to pay staff and outgoings, At this moment we have six paid staff and three who give time for the love including Justann and we will probably add a couple more over time but we are now fairly well covered for coaching. Four of us Justann,Pablo, Jurgen and myself are corner qualified meaning that if one of us is unavailable we have three others that are likley to be available. Although two cornermen (people) are ideal , i have many times done the corner by myself with just as much success.

At least five coaches here are Level 1 accredited with Boxing Australia and three of us are Level 2 coaches.

Our fees now reflect that we are serious and that a student has to commit both financially and timewise which raises the standard of all students here.

These are my golden years and I intend to make the most of them !