Highly Recommend Betty’s Pilates @studio16

Right next door to us is an extraordinary trainer that in combination with our Boxing Training here can supercharge results.

Some 16 years ago I suffered chronic back pain which no amount of Chiropractic or Physio therapy could fix.

Three months with Betty and I was fixed and I have since used the exercises to keep my back from regressing.

I have now restarted my Pilates training with Betty and look forward to shaping up to the point I was when I trained with her regularly.

She is very open to having us there so download read the attached PDF.

If you have a back , neck or shoulder injury please talk to Betty she will rebuild you stronger and better than ever.

Her clientele is smaller so don’t expect cheap just expect the best !

Betty actually started her business with me here in my studio before she purchased Unit 16 next door .

It worked well that not only members here but wives girlfriends , husbands , mothers etc could benefit from Betty’s training and I would like that to happen again.

Download the Information and Invitation from Betty @Studio16BoxingInvitation