Good Potato Bad Potato – Bad reviews on google

One of the not so great things about using your own name as part of the business name is that if someone is aggrieved they can go online and attack you personally but anonomously. Being here for 27 years has meant that not everyone has loved me or the experience they have had here but i do find that it often relates to their personal situation whether emotional or financial which they then can project when dealing with the club and especially myself.

We are a boxing club not a fitness boxing gym and therefore there are inherent risks that ensue from this. If people are not kept in control, there is distinct possibility that things can go wrong and someone gets hurt. If someone gets hurt when things go awry, usually someone leaves the club or as has happened people have acted in an out of control manner and quite rightly someone has retaliated, they then turn to me to try and say it is my fault they have sustained a broken nose. Neither situation is pleasant and positive for the club so i make the rules, not only in sparring but in general behaviour, that minimizes the risk of injury in our wonderful sport and club. I don’t approve of lateness to classes, chewing gum in class or anywhere in our studio. I do not tolerate if someone refuses the partner they are teamed with in our drills or any other behaviour that says to me this person wants to be selfish and not be part of our team. A very small minority resent this and it can sometimes end badly with me asking them to leave the club.

By far the most triggering for an unhappy exit is financial. I am in a very fortunate position that after 27 years i am finally debt and mortgage free and although running costs such as wages and strata fees , rates , insurance etc etc are still there, i am finally in a position to set the tone and direction of the club without worrying about making ‘rent’. Hopefully this means screening out potential clients who might be trouble or do not fit into our culture. Unfortunately the best way to do this is setting your fees high enough that students/parents have to think carefully around the committment but because this, ends up producing the best results. This is why now i do not do free trials instead a modest $20 fee for a one class trial to get rid of tyre kickers then the student can do a low cost starter membership $199 which gives around a month of training plus all the equipment needed to make it safe for the student and other participants. Obviously i get equipment wholesale but retail the value of this package would be at least $100. After completing the starter pack membership the student can decide to commit to the full Black Shirt Program currently $40 per week for Under 14’s and $50 per week for 14 years and above. The payments must be by direct debit or credit card with 8 week minimum committment and 28 days notice after that. This allows reasonable time for that student to be replaced and if notice is paid correctly, the person is welcome to return in the future. If people lie to get out of notice or try to dodge their committments by say cancelling their credit card, i would not send them to debt collection , I simply don’t let them return in the future. The initial agreement will run for a year and if the student is training regularly after one year the membership rolls over automatically but only needs 28 days notice to cancel. It is not in my interest to try to cheat anyone and although occasionally i do miss something i do try my best to be fair so even my best and longest serving students will pay the notice as i want to be even across the board.

I have for the last 25 years used an American owned billing company called Educational Funding Company (EFC Asia Pacific) which collects your money and deposits the results in my bank account every two weeks. This means i do not see the actual deposit so rely on their system to show if the payment has been successful. EFC is the most expensive billing company in Australia costing me some $1000 per month in bank and credit card fees plus their work. However they are the only Billing Company in Australia that a student/client can ring and talk to an actual person about their account. Most things are resolved really quickly and although i will get notified, i do not want the hassle or have to embarass a student about their fees unless it drags on for some time so if you get a message from Educational Funding Company, it is not a scam and you can ring the number they provide or +61 2 4326 0860 and follow the prompts to talk to someone. I think EFC has been operating in USA for over 50 years and in Australia for at least 30 years.

Finally below are some of the bad reviews I have received lately. I have replied to them but if you would like more detail i’m happy to share. However as there are multiple from the same person it has meant that people looking at my google page are seeing bad reviews at the top so if anyone who would like to could go and put a review on my google i would really appreciate.

I have spoken to Emi and Ale who are mortified that this could happen and it would seem that the person who has written this isn’t even training at TS Boxing which actually doesn’t surprise me.

This one and the next two are written by the same person the father of the student. Unfortunately it means i will no longer allow under 18’s to pay for their own memberships as even though i have the parent co-sign , there is little i can enforce even if i’m in the right as was the case here and I run the risk that the law may penalize me for giving kids a chance to be responsible.

Finally don’t read the next one if you don’t like foul language. Last year i started sending happy birthday greetings to all students who have ever been here that i have valid mobile no’s for. After cleaning up the database last year i still have around 3500 active mobiles. Some have been recycled and i get a few thanks but nomore and at least a couple of really grateful wonderful reply messages per day which i respond personally to. On a very very rare occasion i get one like below. This person is 43 years old and trained here in 2011 for three months. All i can say is i made quite an impression !