Gifts for Indigenous communities in and around Bourke NSW

December 8th 2019 I loaded up my truck and trailer with clothes, sporting goods and furniture to give away to the indigenous folks in Bourke in conjunction with my tenant the nulla nulla land council who administer the poorest housing needs in that area. the waste in Sydney could be so welcomed in areas like this. i have been working on this a while but have now found and purchased a cheap used container which means i can then store stuff that’s given to me or collected in council cleanups and be able to store at Rylstone out of the weather and then get more of it to where it’s needed. along with some beds and other household goods there’s a whole lot of sporting stuff. golf stuff , rugby boots, running shoes with spikes , basketballs , boxing bags etc along with toys clothes. so next year if you have stuff that’s good and you think a shame to just toss it, let me know. i am just ticking away at this quietly but would love it to take on a life of it’s own one day. when i first thought of this idea i contacted Ronnie Khan who founded Ozharvest she told me that she funded everything herself for years before it grew be so cool to do something similar . Also love to have some company on these journeys so if you ever dreamed of going to the Back O’ Bourke let me know.

The container I purchased for storing goods to then ship to Indigenous Communities
Bourke centre my house and shop on the right of this picture
Inside my rustic little palace
New Shop opening in the main street of Bourke