Fee rises from 1st May 2021

Every year from now i will be making a small increase to our fees apart from the great value first 100 days membership which will stay at $199.

All existing memberships are grandfathered and stay the same but if a membership is cancelled and the student wishes to rejoin then they will go to the current rate.

For those on 100 day memberships that were purchased before the price rise but expire afterwards will be given the opportunity to transfer to the Black Shirt program at the old rate when their current membership expires as long as they do so immediately otherwise the new rate kicks in.

From 1st May 2021 the fee structure will be;

100 calendar days membership including equipment – $199

Black Shirt Program membership – $35 per week by DD or CC

Competitors Membership and Top Ten memberships by invitation only and prices will be negotiated at the time

All other conditions of membership remain the same