Changes to youth program from 1st March 2021

Our youth program (13-19 years) has been steadily growing and it is time to make some changes to allow and encourage students to further develop and hopefully get some of our students to the development camps available with Boxing Australia and hopefully into competition and maybe some will be able to represent Australia one day.

From the 1st March New students joining on 100 days membership will have three days a week available to them. Monday 5pm , Wednesday at 5pm and Saturday at 1pm. Black Shirt Membership students will have these classes but also Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm as well as the Youth Sparring class Saturday 2pm.

For those that have joined before the 1st March whose 100 day membership expires after the 1st March can still attend Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm until their expiry date but have to sign up on the black shirt program after to continue.

I hope this will see alot more students see it through to getting their black shirt at least.

The photo above is of Will Shaker and myself at a competition night. Will did 9 fights in all and was a terrific boy. His last fight he was presented winners the medal by the late Arthur Tunstall.