Changes to timetable to come into effect from May 1st 2020.

Some of these classes may start unofficially before 1st May but definitely are on the timetable for May 1st.

The following are either new classes or changes to existing classes and also changes in eligibility to classes.

For a while now I have wrestled with how to give more to longer term students and am now both in a position membership and instructor strength to do this. Therefore from May 1st those on starter pack memberships will no longer be eligible for weekday 6pm classes or 8am Saturday class. These will be denoted as for those on Black Shirt Program (or competitors or Top Ten) only i.e. membership via agreement DD/CC.

There are two new classes added to the timetable from May 1st;

Monday 4pm-4.20pm is a seven years and below class. Students who attend this class will have to join on a 100 days minimum membership but Saturday 11.30am will remain able to attend casually at $20 per class

Saturday 2pm – 2.30pm Youth Sparring . Students will have to be on the Black Shirt Program Membership to attend.

Changes to existing classes;

As stated above Weekday 6pm and Saturday 8am classes will require students to be on the Black Shirt Program membership to attend. Existing students on the 100 day membership that cross the May 1st cutoff date before their membership expires can sign up for the Black Shirt Program to start after their 100 day membership expires and continue to attend these classes. Starting on a 100 day membership is not compulsory so for those who wish to access these classes as well as Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm can enrol immediately on joining to the Black Shirt Program Membership.

Wednesday Intermediate Sparring 8pm has not been as successful as i had hoped predominantly because we have been unable to find a consistent long term instructor so it has been a series of stop starts unable to gain momentum. With many more students opting for the advanced sparring class on Thursday night I have decided to offer a place which I am often asked for people to self train or get together with someone and perhaps do some light sparring. So I have renamed this time as for being “Open floor” . Students must be on the Black Shirt Program Membership to attend this time. In general the school closes at 9pm so please don’t try and hang around later.

Saturday 2.30pm – 3pm New Members Induction Class. To accommodate the youth sparring I have cut down the induction class to just a half hour but will encourage those who attend induction to try out the 3pm general class immediately following.

Top Ten classes have been on the timetable in name only for a while but am now offering people to apply (see post dedicated to Top Ten). The Top Ten Program will be restricted to a maximum of 10 people. It will be at $55 per week from the 1st May and I require a six month minimum commitment. There will be a maximum of 3 people in a class by appointment. Applicants must have been on the Black Shirt Program for a minimum of six months before being eligible to apply.