Changes to terms and conditions for black shirt program membership

Membership holds are a pain administration wise and i often find that students use membership holds to kid themselves they are training but not contributing financially or as a mechanism to avoid paying a notice period of 28 days. Neither is particularly palatable to me and therefore i am making it less attractive to do membership holds. I would prefer a student gave notice and then applied to return when they are ready to commit to the program 100%. I undertand holidays but if you can afford the $5-10k that it would cost to go to Europe for 4 weeks surely the $180 it costs currently here for 4 weeks shouldn’t be too much to make sure the club is still here when you return. Therefore i make no apologies for the update to the terms and conditions as follows. Also in the past I have grandfathered membership fees and will continue to do so if the student remains continuous financially but if you take a hold, on return membership fees will go to the current listed rate. There will also be a $15 administration fee charged during the hold period.

The student named above is enrolling as a student with Joe’s Boxing Sydney for a minimum period of 8 weeks with a 28 days’ notice period thereafter with the length of initial agreement detailed below. If the student is still training regularly at the end of the initial agreement the membership will roll over automatically on the same terms. All normal NSW consumer rights and privacy laws are inherent in the making of this agreement including cooling off period.

If giving cancellation notice to cancel it is advised to be via email or text or some other method which is independently time-stamped.

Membership holds are allowed for medical reasons with accompanying medical certificate and once per year for a minimum of 4 weeks and maximum of 8 weeks. Payments will automatically restart at the end of the notice period and does not replace membership cancellation policy. A $15 per week administration fee is charged during the hold period and once the hold period ends the membership rate goes to the current advertised rate.