Changes to our kids programs

Although always room for improvement, i am very happy with our adult programs and teens after making the change to the teens program lifting the age of entry to 14 years from 13 years because our average age in teens would be 15-16 years and the body maturity is too far a gap between a 16 year old and a 13 year old. It also fits in with the legal age for competition in NSW being 14 years of age. If a 13 year old is of enough physical maturity and is not suitable for kids class we can always promote them but i would prefer not to.

Now I want to turn my attention to our kids programs. In other states QLD & ACT the legal age kids can compete is 10 years old. I personally am not a fan of kids that age being punched in the hand although the argument for is that before puberty where physical strength is less the kid develops defensive skills so by the time they reach 14 they have an advantage. So I have decided to convert the existing kids classes to age group 10-13 years. This will allow us to enable sparring for that age group and get more kids up to a standard where they can attend Boxing NSW futures days and get to state teams. We will convert the current under 8’s class Saturday 11.30am-12pm into a sparring class for 10-13 years.

For under 10’s (minimum age 7 years) we will add classes Tuesday and Thursday 4.30pm-5pm and Saturday 11am-11.30am. These will be only skill, fun and fitness classes no sparring and we will offer DD/CC memberships at $30 per week for 3 the classes.

There will be a transition period and I don’t want to disadvantage existing students by forcing them to change days so existing kids have the choice of which program they would like to join. For old and new students it is fine to be older than the age group so if you have more than one sibling and one is older I am fine if they train together in the younger age group however I will be careful of allowing the younger sibling to train in the older group. They will have to be within 6 months of the older age group or been here long enough to be not out of their depth in the older age group.

As with the teens class I hope that the 10-13’s becomes a serious program and as with teens program get more kids who want to take boxing seriously as their primary sport.

As I need to add extra classes and have the instructors to both teach and backup if I’m not around, I will not set a firm date yet but am aiming for the 1st August 2024.