Changes to kids and teens program

After some consideration I have decided to change the age for kids and teens program. Saturday 11.30am under 8 years program remains the same and may be attended casually at $20 per lesson. The kids program will now be from 8 years to 13 years and we will be opening up Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4.30pm for selected students will allow for serious kids to be able to do sparring. Stricly by invitation and those who attend will pay the teens/adult rate at $50 per week. The teens program will now be from 14-17 years. There is some room for overlap for some 13 year olds and it is ok within reason for students 18 years or older to stay on in the teens program as well as 14 year olds to stay on in kids program especially if say their brother or sister is still training in the kids program and it is more convenient. I have been finding that 13 year olds are too young for our teens program now as our average age is probably 16 now.

Existing members who are 13 are still eligible to continue in the teens program.