Changes to classes from February 1st 2020

As our kids and youth program have developed I have found it to be beneficial to split up the ages even further and because it is difficult for a 6 year old to be in a class with a 11 or 12 year old , therefore I am no longer letting the under 8’s go to Monday or Wednesday at 4.20pm. The only class on the timetable for this age group is 11.30am-12pm on a Saturday at present but officially from May 1st and maybe unofficially before there will be an under 8 years class on Mondays from 4pm-4.20pm. However as I am not there every Monday and I don’t want my instructors to have to take money so those who attend will have to have joined on a 100 day membership at least.

Although not officially on the timetable till May 1st 2020 the Wednesday 8pm Intermediate sparring will no longer be running and in its place there will be an open floor session for those who have past their 100 days membership and have joined up on the black shirt program. Students can get together and exchange technique or train together informally but you must exit the studio by 9.05pm .

Again from Cornelia Parker exhibition but I thought maybe this years punishment for chewing gum in class !