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Weilmoringle Reconnaicance Visit

After an exciting drive to Bourke where i had to use my best bush mechanic skills after my alternator stopped working and the car lost power when the battery died. With a little assistance from road side service i limped into Bourke with jumper leads through the passenger window and only small losses from the […]

Request from Port Moresby Rugby League Club

Greetings, it gives me great pleasure to write to you in regards to assistance in a jersey kit. My name is Mr Vagi sarwom, I write on behalf of a suburb local rugby league club Valeni Kings in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea. Reading online we have learnt that your organisation have assisted clubs with […]

Make a $20 donation get a boxing poster free

I have 100’s of Boxing posters from the last 20 years which i mostly got from Sky TV when they used to televise Boxing. If you make a donation of just $20 i will give you boxing poster and include postage if you can’t pick it up personally. Again all proceeds go to updating our […]

Weilmoringle Outback Adventure

As many of you know, i have been taking loads of household goods to the Nulla Nulla Land Council in Bourke who distribute amongst their clients who are some of the most disadvantaged indigeneous communities in New South Wales at least. Bourke Shire is roughly the size of the country of Belgium and just 4000 […]

Fijian Connection

Bula Sir,               My name is RUPENI MARA a CORRECTION officer in Fiji.I would like to request for the above subject matter..The reason is I would like to help our youth in our village not to be associated in Crimes.At the mean we a using punching bags fill with […]

Gifts for Indigenous communities in and around Bourke NSW

December 8th 2019 I loaded up my truck and trailer with clothes, sporting goods and furniture to give away to the indigenous folks in Bourke in conjunction with my tenant the nulla nulla land council who administer the poorest housing needs in that area. the waste in Sydney could be so welcomed in areas like […]

Merry Christmas from Alex

Alex is 18 years old has mild autism and has been a regular at our Sunday 10am exercise class. He made me a card on our last class for 2019 on Sunday 2nd December 10am and it just makes me so proud that I can offer free classes to those with special needs as well […]

Fundraising request Lucas needs new Boxing Gloves

Lucas Gaurakai saw a previous post on our website here on our gifts to PNG of Boxing and Rugby League gear and reached out to me. I have sent three suitcases of used equipment already which you can see pictured below in the hands of his students. My aim is to raise some money over […]

Frontier Festival 15th-18th August 2019

Last year I attended this amazing Festival founded and run by former student and amazing man Alec (Will) Doomadgee. I cannot recommend it enough !!! Will is looking out for corporate sponsors for this year and years to come. If you have contacts in this area please let us know or forward the attached documents […]