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The Joe’s Boxing Methodology – why boxing ?

Of all the martial arts I settled on boxing or as the bra’s say “thug life chose me”. The answer to why is best summed by a quote from Bruce Lee “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” I […]

A preamble to the Joe’s Boxing method

In 2006 I was competing in a karate tournament in Johannesburg. I was well past my fighting prime at 45 but an opportunity to go to South Africa was too good to pass up. We had spent the better part of a week cooped up in hotels, bused to venues or shopping centers surrounded by […]

Changes to our kids programs

Although always room for improvement, i am very happy with our adult programs and teens after making the change to the teens program lifting the age of entry to 14 years from 13 years because our average age in teens would be 15-16 years and the body maturity is too far a gap between a […]

The road ahead for Joe’s Boxing Club Sydney

I am currently sitting in my hotel in Dublin after spending a week walking the West Highland Way in Scotland. Because the group I was walking with were younger and fitter than me and were more interested in racing each other than savoring the life changing scenery, I spent a good deal of time walking […]

Upcoming Competition March 2024

Katie backs up after KOTR this Friday 22nd March at Windsor Leagues and Marcus will be competing at Sydney Contender May 10th at UNSW Roundhouse. Best wishes to them fight well and come home safe ! Dylan , Bro , Max and Anna are all keen to jump back into the ring soon as well.

We are going cashless

Both because i am probably going to be away for extended periods of time and because i want a streamlined system with as little burden on my instructors as they can without having to deal with money. Going forward all transactions will be conducted through eftpos or via our billing company currently the educational funding […]

Joe’s Epic journey to Europe and Middle East

A combination of long service leave non-retirement holiday and a spiritual journey will see me away from 20th April 2024 till 26th June 2024. First stop Shanghai where 30 years ago i helped install the first ATM for the Shanghai Post Office. I’m expecting to see a lot of change. Then London via Dubai and […]

Good Potato Bad Potato – Bad reviews on google

One of the not so great things about using your own name as part of the business name is that if someone is aggrieved they can go online and attack you personally but anonomously. Being here for 27 years has meant that not everyone has loved me or the experience they have had here but […]

Joe’s Boxing Member-id number passing 5500

Any day now we will add student number 5500, which are students who have had a membership here in the 27 years we have been in service to Five Dock. This does not include those who have done a trial or who have done casual classes in the past (no casual classes offered now) or […]

Rylstone Retreat Progress Report March 2024

We are making progress with building up accomodation with the arrival of another shipping container and the near completion of the cabin to add to the two other containers plus 30ft caravan with full size annex attached. When completed more than 20 people will be accomodated in side and more to come including a glamping […]