Bourke Mosque to be reborn

In the late 1890’s a very modest Bourke Mosque was built and i have confirmed both locally and by documents from internet that this was on a property i own in Bourke on the beautifully named Hope St. I am currently in conversation with local businesses and the new muslim community that has formed in Bourke to rebirth the Mosque as their spiritual home. Read below for its fascinating history.

Bourke was the base of Abdul Wade / Wadi’s large camel carting company and many Afghan cameleers worked on routes that radiated out of that own.  A camel owner Bye Khan built a one roomed, wood and galvanised iron house near the back door of the old house of Norbeen Perooz in the ghan town in Bourke. Perooz ‘s group of camelmen used the mosque. It had a pitched roof and small verandah. In 1996 the Bourke mosque was relocated from Hope Street to the Afghan section of the cemetery, in the hope of preserving it. It has been saved and is today preserved as a tourist attraction.

Historic mosque in the cemetery, Bourke, NSW, Australia. In the 19th and early 20th centuries camels were used extensively in outback Australia, and many of the camel keepers were Afghans. The camels and their keepers are gone, but this humble mosque remains as a reminder of the important part they played in the development of modern Australia.