Black Shirt Promotion Saturday 5th December 2020 from 5.30pm

This year we have 13 students ready to do their black shirt promotion on Saturday 5th December from 5.30pm. We have had to make changes to the format because of covid and the limits on how many that can attend simulataneously so each particpant this year can invite 15 people to witness their promotion so if you would like to see what happens then cosy up to one of the red shirts participating to get your spot.

We will stage each exhibition contest some 45 minutes apart so the crowd can disperse and the next group can enter keeping us covid safe.

We will be providing some non alcoholic refreshments and some minor nibbles so don’t come too hungry or thirsty.

Although the era of the fight night with beer and ring card girls is past us now, i think the new way of doing Black Shirt promotions will be good and focus on the journey and getting the right standard for these prospects. They have been training really hard with Justann in preparation and the standard keeps improving year on year.

Good luck to everyone trying for their Black Shirt this year.