Bid for Autism bring the belt to Joe’s Boxing where it belongs.

As part of our fundraiser for Autism, Jeff fenech three times world champion has donated a replica of his WBC world title belt that is signed by him, Brock Jarvis, Luke Jackson and Justann Crawford.

We will be auction this belt on the day to the highest bidder and have a professional auctioneer on the payroll to facilitate.

To get the best possible price for Giant Steps and perhaps be able to have this wonderful belt displayed at Joe’s Boxing Club i am suggesting we combine our resources and see if we can get the belt for Joe’s Boxing or at least bid up so that giant steps gets the best possible result.

I will be offering $1000 as the opening bid and if students would like to pledge and preferably pay before the auction we will bid the belt up to the total of our combined resources. If we are outbid the money raised from us will be donated to Giant Steps.

This a total one-off never to be repeated in this format so please get behind this. Giant Steps has suffered in fund raising this year because it’s two main fundraisers The Giant Steps Ball and the Sydney Tower Climb combined bring in around a million dollars for the school but both were cancelled this year. We won’t come near that but every bit will help.

On the day attendees will be able to purchases gloves from between $100-$150 (depending on type of glove chosen) which can then be used to get Jeff and the other great boxers and other celebrities in attendance. The ones in the picture were signed by both Jeff fenech and Mark Bouris The boss of The Apprentice Australia. If you can’t make it on the day and would like to get these gloves signed you can prebuy and we will do the work for you.

As most know Steph’s son Max attends Giant steps and Max is my best buddy and with whom, every Thursday night, I abandon Joe’s Boxing and go on an outing with Max. It really is one of the highlights of my week.