Black Shirt Grading Nite 10th November 2018

Great photo taken by Ayo and Astrid . Thx everyone for coming to Black Shirt Grading nite. We raised $4400 with Total cost for the event was $4000 that including $750 donation to Westmead Children’s Hospital in the form of Team Chelsea T-shirt’s from Barbara Hogan new mats under the ring and new ropes for on top of the ring plus trophies, signwriting for the honor board , drinks and nibbles . well done all 23 that graded to black shirt . old hands always comment how the standard rises every year. Thx to Roula ,pablo, steph and bro in law Craig for their work behind the scenes and of course Justann for his tireless support of our/his students . Much love from me you make the old silverback a very happy Gorrilla 😉