About Joe


Hi, my name’s Joe and I’m the head coach, owner, mentor here at Joe’s Boxing Club Sydney!

I’ve spent over 40 years studying combat arts and have come to the conclusion that boxing skills are the fastest and most efficient route to effective self-defense. While many martial arts and fighting instructors talk about lethal techniques, for me, if it can’t be practiced in combat I have my doubts if it can be used for real. And even if they can, real sparring and competition is so much more fun than endless practice with imaginary foes.

Although I try to keep fit, continue to develop my skills, and still remain active through training and sparring with my students or masters peers, I have now clocked over half-a-century in man-hours and no longer have a desire to prove anything to myself or anyone else. I am now a teacher, coach, mentor & friend to my students.

 I want my school to be for everyone, competitors are expected to help others and we all share victories and defeats. All students are treated equally whether you’re a man, woman, or child, and we all work as a team. Respect and humility are the most revered qualities here.

Lately I have developed a keen interest in teaching those with disabilities with special interest and seemingly skill with those who that have autism. I am now in the position to also offer respite care as well for my autism students and by training them and gaining their trust we have a far better chance of you having a night off without interruptions. I will invoice yourself or you plan manager each month using the community participation code for the training and if you have respite care budget we can do the same when the time is right.