Month: August 2020

Timetables & Prices

Since returning after Covid we have started the timetable that was going to be implemented in May 2020. The main changes for adults are that only those who are on the Black Shirt Program are eligible to attend 6pm weekday classes and 8am Saturdays as well as Thursday Advanced Sparring 8pm. Students who are on […]

Fijian Connection

Bula Sir,               My name is RUPENI MARA a CORRECTION officer in Fiji.I would like to request for the above subject matter..The reason is I would like to help our youth in our village not to be associated in Crimes.At the mean we a using punching bags fill with […]

Equipment refresh and upgrades

I have just got new corner pads for the ring and added top of the line Jim Bradley Speedballs and Floor to Ceiling Balls to refresh the school.