Month: February 2020

Top Ten from 1st May 2020

For a while I have listed some times on the timetable as reserved for Top Ten students but have yet to implement this program. I have decided to open up applications but on for those who have been on the Black Shirt Program (or Competitors) for a minimum of six months. The Top Ten program […]

Changes to timetable to come into effect from May 1st 2020.

Some of these classes may start unofficially before 1st May but definitely are on the timetable for May 1st. The following are either new classes or changes to existing classes and also changes in eligibility to classes. For a while now I have wrestled with how to give more to longer term students and am […]

Changes to classes from February 1st 2020

As our kids and youth program have developed I have found it to be beneficial to split up the ages even further and because it is difficult for a 6 year old to be in a class with a 11 or 12 year old , therefore I am no longer letting the under 8’s go […]

Kaizen – little steps 2020

Kaizen a Japanese word literally meaning “little steps” is an oft used concept now used in industry meaning small ongoing constant improvements. This year marks 23 years at this location and 20 years of Joe’s boxing as a brand has been in existence, although some form of boxing or kickboxing program under my tutelage has […]