Year: 2020

Black Shirt Promotion Saturday 5th December 2020 from 5.30pm

This year we have 13 students ready to do their black shirt promotion on Saturday 5th December from 5.30pm. We have had to make changes to the format because of covid and the limits on how many that can attend simulataneously so each particpant this year can invite 15 people to witness their promotion so […]

Closing dates 2020 & Holiday timetable for January 2021.

Last class for 2020 will be Saturday 19th december 2020 at 4pm and the first day for 2021 will be all classes Monday 4th January then Wednesday 6th January and Saturday 9th January. The following week will be Monday 11th January, Wednesday 13th January and Saturday 16th January. Full timetable resumes Monday 18th January. Download […]

Ninja Warrior 2021

The producers of Ninja Warrior 2021 have asked me to advertise Ninja Warrior auditions starting in the next few weeks. Contact via the link on the poster below.

Bid for Autism bring the belt to Joe’s Boxing where it belongs.

As part of our fundraiser for Autism, Jeff fenech three times world champion has donated a replica of his WBC world title belt that is signed by him, Brock Jarvis, Luke Jackson and Justann Crawford. We will be auction this belt on the day to the highest bidder and have a professional auctioneer on the […]

Fight For Autism

Join us for an exciting display of title holding professional boxers as they prepare for upcoming fights, only 40 tickets available.  This is a rare opportunity to watch some of Australia‚Äôs most talented young boxers spar, including prospective world champion and youth world title holder Brock Jarvis. Guests will have the opportunity for a photo […]

Timetables & Prices

Since returning after Covid we have started the timetable that was going to be implemented in May 2020. The main changes for adults are that only those who are on the Black Shirt Program are eligible to attend 6pm weekday classes and 8am Saturdays as well as Thursday Advanced Sparring 8pm. Students who are on […]

Fijian Connection

Bula Sir,               My name is RUPENI MARA a CORRECTION officer in Fiji.I would like to request for the above subject matter..The reason is I would like to help our youth in our village not to be associated in Crimes.At the mean we a using punching bags fill with […]

Equipment refresh and upgrades

I have just got new corner pads for the ring and added top of the line Jim Bradley Speedballs and Floor to Ceiling Balls to refresh the school.